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SVI is an independent affiliate of SensEquity Investment. We are a global investment firm that helps entrepreneurs with technology, capital, HR and ideas.

We usually help on 2 levels:
L1: Provide seed funding, tech support and strategic advice for startups with innovative products.
L2: Invest in existing SMEs and equip them with technology and transformative growth strategies.

We are entrepreneurs

We understand many of the pain-points of entrepreneurs because we are "in-the-trench" entrepreneurs ourselves. We have been developing and operating businesses mainly in the areas of consumer internet, retail services and education on the frontline in both sides of the pacific ocean (Hong Kong, Shenzhe, Seoul, Beijing and North America).

We are builders

We build projects ourselves with our own team of engineers who also help our business partners with technological upgrades and maintainance.

We are capitalists

SensVentures is an independent affliate of SensEquity Investment - which is a global investment firm with a track record of more than 20 years in the public equity markets. Thus we often help our entreprenuers understand the "big picture" in terms of how capital with the right team and business model can be the foundation of a unicorn enterprise, as well as the implications of outside capital as opposed to organic internal growth. As a private investment firm with no need for capital exit, we actually prefer the later.

What we do

The business ventures we ourselves build, operate and invest in help us leverage a positive network effect and synergy for our current and future partners

4oks 4U

A jobs, classifieds and yellowpage portal for expats in Asia


A jobs and Yellowpage Portal in Hong Kong


A job site for China's game industry

A part-time job portal in China


A transportation and services company in HK


A Hong Kong based art school

Get in touch

Whether you are seeking funding for your business or startup idea or want to join our team as a business analyst or software developer, please send us an email no matter where you are located, though we do hope you are in one of the cities where we have existing operations and a physical location (Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Seoul, Canada & the US) so that we can talk in person.